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AiPcCleaner is a world- class Ai based PC optimizer tool that Optimizes your PC by cleaning junk files,cookies, history, and cache to free up space on your device and protect your privacy


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AiPcCleaner is an artificial intelligence-powered privacy cleaning app for your computer. It can automatically reduce your memory usage and CPU usage. Delete junk files like cookies, history, and cache to free up space on your device and protect your privacy

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Better PC Performance

AiPcCleaner reduces your PC's memory usage and CPU usage for a better performance

Eliminate Tracking Cookies

Although tracking cookies are not directly harmful, they do raise privacy concerns which AiPcCleaner can help to overcome

Junk Cleaner

While junk files do not cause any harm, they waste disk space unnecessarily and can safely be cleaned from your system using AiPcCleaner

Browser Cleanup

Cleaning your browser data will improve security and speed using AiPcCleaner


AiPcCleaner Cleans Your Computer in 3 Easy Steps


Download and install the AiPcCleaner for free diagnosis.


Run your FREE diagnostic scan to find tracking files on your computer.


Activate software to clean Junk files, tracking cookies and browser cache.


AiPCcleaner Features and Benefits

Performance Optimizer

AiPcCleaner removes junk from places where other cleaners can't reach for a better performance.

Driver Updater

Boost the performance of PC hardware and devices

Fix Registry Corruption

Automatically scans the registry and removes invalid entries and correct errors.

PC Health Check

Automatically analyses, fixes and tunes your PC's performance

Privacy Protection

Removes tracking files and browsing data



I was spending most of my day waiting for my computer to do its thing. It would take forever and get so frustrating. I am so happy to have found AiPCcleaner, it's been great!

Amelia Rowe
TrceGadsden, Alabama

I use AiPCcleaner on a daily basis to keep my PC running smoothly! I've been using this software for about three years now an it's been the best for keeping my computer optimized. I love it and highly recommend it!

Lionel Neff
Carpinteria, California

I never would have thought that I needed a PC cleaner until my PC slowed down significantly. AiPCcleaner is the best PC cleaner software that I have ever used. It takes less than a minute to scan and finds problems that other cleaners can't track. It's by far the best thing I've bought all year!

Brenda Shuler
Orangeburg, South Carolina

I don't have time to clean my PC, but I'm happy to say that AiPCcleaner takes care of that for me. The program is always running in the background and it removes all the junk files, unused programs, and system clutter. It's taken care of every problem I've had with my PC

Dale Stone
Bigfork, Minnesota

It only takes few minutes to get started.